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Under the Building Act 2004 all buildings other than single residential buildings, require a Compliance Schedule and annual Warrant of Fitness if they contain one or more of the 16 specified systems or features.

It is the territorial authority’s delegated responsibility to administer the Building Act.

The purpose of this is to ensure their continued safety of operation. As a requirement of the annual Warrant of Fitness, systems must be tested by an IQP annually and the 12A form submitted to the building owner as verification that the system has been tested and passed.

Section 110 of the Building Act 2004 states that an owner of a building for which a compliance schedule has been issued must:

(a) obtain annual written reports relating to the inspection, maintenance and reporting procedures of the compliance schedule signed by each licensed building practitioner or other person who carried out 1 or more of those procedures; and

(b) keep those reports together with the Compliance Schedule for a period of two years; and

(c) produce those reports for inspection when required by
(i) the territorial authority; and
(iii) any person or organisation who has the right to inspect the building under any Act; and

(d) show the location of these reports and the Compliance Schedule on the building Warrant of Fitness displayed in accordance with Section 108 (4).

These checks are spelled out in a document called a Compliance Schedule which is issued by the council. Systems are checked based on the age of the installation. The Building Warrant of Fitness process is designed to maintain what’s there (whatever the age of the system) in good working order.

There are some checks that only a specialised person can do – Independent Qualified Persons (IQP’s). Degrees Ahead have IQP registered staff that can undertake all the necessary checks for the air conditioning and ventilation systems on your behalf.

Once the checks and maintenance have been done we can issue you with a 12A Form Certificate of Compliance with Inspection, Maintenance and Reporting procedures. You will need a 12A for each of the safety systems which allows a Building Warrant of Fitness to be issued to the building.

Without a valid Building Warrant of Fitness you could:

  • Invalidate a sale
  • Invalidate the building’s insurance
  • Invalidate other approvals or licenses to operate
  • Invalidate funding (eg, Ministry of Education)
  • Invalidate equipment warranties

Records of all inspections and checks must be kept for two years; legally they are to be filed with the Code of Compliance Schedule. Degrees Ahead keep copies of your maintenance history and inspections on file also for your added security, future reference and peace of mind.

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