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Clean Heat Grants

Hawke's Bay Regional Council provide funding and assistance to homeowners to install clean heat to their property. This is a one-off grant for replacing a non-compliant fire with a compliant heat source such as a heat pump.

Hawke’s Bay Regional Council will provide $608 (plus GST if applicable) to homeowners to replace their non-compliant fire with a clean heat source through an HBRC contracted service provider.

Yes, if your property falls within the airshed areas in Napier or Hastings. You can view the Airshed map by following the link below.


Grants can be claimed when the fire has been replaced. Ratepayers or suppliers can apply for the grant by completing the heatsmart application form.

Clean Heat Loans

Hawke's Bay Regional Council can provide a one-off loan at highly competitive rates to assist homeowners with the replacement of non-compliant fires. This can be used to purchase and install a heat pump or air conditioning unit.

Yes, if your property falls within the airshed areas in Napier or Hastings, you can access a loan to replace a non-compliant fire with a clean heat source, such as a  heat pump. Degrees Ahead is a contracted service provider with the Hawke’s Bay Region Council.

The loan repayments depend on how much you need to borrow, based on a 3.5% interest rate. The table below shows an indication of repayments over a 10 year term.

 Clean Heat Loan Amount Total Amount to repay Cost per month
$1000 $1180 $9.83
$1250 $1483 $12.33
$1500 $1770 $14.75
$1750 $2070 $17.25
$2000 $2370 $19.75
$2250 $2660 $22.17
$2500 $2960 $24.67
$2750 $3260 $27.17
$3000 $3560 $29.67
$3250 $3850 $32.08
$3500 $4150 $34.58
$3750 $4440 $37.00
$4000 $4740 $39.50
$4250 $5040 $42.00
$4500 $5330 $44.42

You will need to obtain a quotation from us. Once you have accepted the quotation, we will complete a Heatsmart application form and ask you to complete the relevant sections. Then submit the form to HBRC who will handle the application from there for you.

Piece Of Mind

Every system provided and installed by Degrees Ahead is covered with a manufacturer’s parts and labour warranty and an installation and workmanship warranty.

Click on the Daikin Warranty button below to find more details about each warranty, or contact us and we will explain it all in person.

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