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Swim all year round

Our heatpumps deliver the ‘swim when you want’ lifestyle. 

swimming pool heat pumps | degrees aheadHeatpumps keep your pool warm and ready for swimming year round – double your swim season with us!
Low Cost : The problem with heating thousands of litres of water during the cold months has always been the cost. Now the pool heat pump technology simply boosts the natural heat resulting in perfectly efficient and economical pool heating at huge cost reductions.
Degrees Ahead have mastered the art of heating swimming pool water cost effectively by developing technology that does not generate heat, but merely transfers it.  Heat is extracted from the air, boosted to a higher temperature, then transferred to the pool via a heat exchanger, warming your pool.
The best part is that it is so easy.  Set the ideal temperature and the heat pump will maintain the pool temperature digitally correcting the temperature as the seasons change.
Heatpump can save up to 80% compared to older more traditional styles of poor heating. 
Our systems provide the most efficient, economical pool heating available today.

Our pool heatpumps feature:

  • Easy to operate – just set the desired temperature and forget

  • High Efficiency – lower running costs for you, the pool owner

  • Aesthetically pleasing

  • Easy to retrofit into exiting pools

  • Easy Installation

  • Comprehensive warranties

Contact us now for doubling your swim season.


We use Econergy and Hot Water Heat Pumps Ltd Products

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