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The Cassette models sit in the ceiling so they are unobtrusive

Our Cassette products

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Cassette Features

Cassette Heat Pump | Degrees Ahead 

Compact and Discreet
One of the more discreet options.  The Cassette models sit in the ceiling so they are unobtrusive.  In a home these work best on higher ceilings.

Latest Fan Technology
Air Conditioned air is distributed through 3 or 4 sides with adjustable directional louvres which can be configured to suit your room.

Optional Wall Controller
The wall controller is a popular option on many models because they are smart, easy-to-use and have features like 7-day timers (so you can 'set and forget').

Automatic Air Flow Adjustment
The micro-computer automatically adjusts the air flow effectively to follow the changes of room temperature.

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