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Save money on hot water with an efficient home heating system

Cut your Home Water Heating bill by TWO-THIRDS!

What if we could tell you we have systems that can cut your home water heating bill by two-thirds or more.  The more hot water your household uses, the greater the savings.

A household uses on average around 8300 units of electricity a year, 2800 of these are for hot water heating.

Many people are familiar with heatpumps used for home heating - if you're interested in this please see our Air Conditioning & Heatpump section.  They've often transformed cold homes into comfortable ones - without costing the earth in electricity bills.  Now the same principle can be used to heat your hot water.

A hot water heatpump works by extracting heat from the outside air and transferring it into your hot water.  This can do this much more cheaply than heating the water with a conventional electric element.

We have successfully installed a number of these systems with exceptional results however there may be some issues that you need to consider when looking at this option eg; water condition.  Talk to us today and let us advise you.


Contact us now for how to cut your home water heating bill.

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