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Our Range of Air Conditioning Units

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Degrees Ahead offer the Diaken range of air conditioning units. There are four different types that can be deployed to suit your specific needs.

  1. High Wall Split Systems
  2. Ducted Split Systems
  3. Cassette Systems
  4. Console Systems

High Wall System (wall mounted)

Extremely common now in New Zealand homes is the high wall mounted system. Due to their location they are very efficient at cooling a room, but also very good at heating, the best of both worlds.

Ducted Split System

Ducted heat pump systems are the ultimate in luxury. Discrete ducts are located around your home with near silent operation. The main benefit is that you can have consistent total temperature around your whole home from one central heating/cooling and air conditioning system.

Cassette System (ceiling mounted)

This is an elegant solution as the unit is recessed into the ceiling. Due to the units location in the ceiling (where all the hot air congregates) it is extremely efficient at cooling the room. A recessed air conditioning system looks good and you are able to direct the air to the parts of the room you want it to be.

Console System (floor mounted)

Console systems are floor mounted units that are easy to install and maintain. They are compact and have the ability to quickly heat or cool a room. The Daiken console air conditioning system has two fans allowing for quick time to cool or time to hear for the room.


Types of Heating and Cooling

Having someone standing beside you waving a large fan over you to keep you cool is out of the question for most, however buying a heat pump/air conditioner is something that everyone can afford.

The reason it is affordable is because of efficiency. Sure there is an up front cost, but the running costs are substantially lower than burning wood in a fire place, using an energy inefficient electric fan or oil filled bar heater.

You light your fire, push in the wood and then pray. The wood burns, releasing water vapor (raising the humidity over that magic 55% number) and heats only a local part of your house. A heat pump on the other hand can be ducted to heat all of your rooms and only deliver clean, dry air to the areas that need it.  Daiken heat pumps get the temperature to the right level, quickly and then maintain it at minimal cost. A fire place has no such smarts. 

As we move closer into our Hawkes Bay summer how about having a look at our news article on how to Keep Cool This Summer.

What is Air Conditioning?

Air Conditioning, as the name suggests, is a mechanical method of modifying the condition of the air around you. This can mean heating the air, cooling it, making it more damp or even dryer. In the process you can also filter the air to remove dust, odors and harmful biological agents leaving a more safer atmosphere to live in.

An air conditioning system takes in air and checks its current condition. This consists of the airs humidity (how damp it is) and its temperature. The machine then uses a heat exchanger to cool the air and remove water vapor via condensation in the same way a cup full of ice sitting in a hot room condenses water vapor from the air to reduce or increase the ambient air conditions.

The air conditioning enables the air to be kept at a constant temperature and humidity; the sort of thing that people like.

Commonly air conditioning is referred to either as 'aircon' or 'A/C'.  Both these terms refer to the installation of one of the many types of heat pump/air conditioning systems available today.

Choose a Healthy Home

Allergies can be a problem in many homes and air conditioning is a cheap way to protect your family from harmfull micro organisms in the air.

Not many people know that home allergens such as dust mites thrive in a warm temperature and high humidity environment and lets face it, that's most peoples homes. But you can fight back at dust mite populations, by keeping your home humidity down below 55%. Dust mites have trouble surviving when the humidity is lower than 40%. Even a small reduction in your homes humidity can make a big difference to the size and rate of growth of dust mite populations.

If you add a ducted ventilation system throughout a house you can drive wet air out of your home completely, and warm (or cool) your home at the same time giving you a healthier living environment.

It is also possible to have air filtered using an air conditioner to remove pollen, ash (from tobacco smoke and fire places) and dust so that allergy sufferers and people with asthma are able to greatly reduce their symptoms. So choose one of our Diaken Air Conditioning solutions for your home today and make your home a healthy place to live.

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