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Fresh Air Supply Systems

Residential Energy Recovery Systems
It is now possible to provide an an efficient means of ridding the home of moist and stale air and introduce fresh dry filtered air by recovering the heat generated within the home and save the cost otherwise lost.

The energy recovery system relies on a heat exchanger that will reclaim heating or cooling whether it is being used in summer or winter.  These recovery heat exchangers can be up to 90% efficient which keeps the power down whilst enabling all the advantages of a healthy home environment.

Each system requires a technical specialist to oversee and optimise the selection and installation of these systems.

Commercial Premises
Where there are public gatherings or workplaces within the commercial buildings all such places since 1992 must provide satisfactory Fresh Air & Ventilation to the NZ Standard 4303-1990.

This is a special custom design requirement and can involve the basic need of outside air introduction via a filtration module or be a full climate control system with integrated temperature and humidity control, with energy recovery.

Degrees Ahead have designed, supplied and professionally installed a vast number and varying types of systems in many different industrial and commercial sectors around the Hawke's Bay area.

We use a range of quality proven products from leading manufactures to design our solutions.
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