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Our Hi Wall Split System products

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Hi Wall Split System Features

Compact and Economical

Our Hi Wall Split Systems are compact and economical, perfect for controlling the indoor comfort in office.  Our Hi Wall Split Systems can cool and heat your office while filtering the air and removing excess humidity, providing you with the perfect level of comfort, regardless of the weather conditions.

Range of Systems
We can offer a range of stylish indoor units to suit any office decor.  The smart and unobtrusive outdoor unit has a weatherproof cabinet with a smooth running compressor in an isolated compartment mounted on rubber cushions.

Advanced Technology and Superior Design
The advanced technology and superior design we can offer of both the indoor and outdoor units give you the benefit of lower operating costs and high energy efficiency.  Our split reversed cycle heatpumps provide heating in your home or office with three to four times the energy efficiency of electric heaters.

Year Round Humidity Control
The dehumidification function economically eliminates excess moisture in the air by operating the system intermittently, maintaining the room temperature at the required comfort level.  This gives you year-round perfect indoor humidity control.

Five Stage Filter System
The five stage filter system our systems offer have four types of filters, the filter system effectively removes odours, dust, viruses, pollens and house mites.

Sleep Function
Utilising the sleep function or 24 hour timer gives you the ability to "set and forget" and let the system automatically maintain your all-round comfort.

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