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Getting the most from your ventilation system

The foundation of any air conditioning or heating system in a commercial environment has to be the design of the system. 

 An expert and first-class design is the backbone on which everything else rests.

Using 40 years experience and the latest design software and technology, we calculate your heat-load requirements and then design a suitable system with efficiency, reliability, ease of use, cost and functionality in mind.

Commercial systems for buildings of pubic occupancy require a number of NZ and Australian Standards to be met under the NZ Building Code of which we are familiar and create a system design to comply.  These buildings predominantly require ventilation and air quality standards to be met which in turn enables the correct health and safety standards to be realised.

After discussing and viewing your plans we will work together with you from the beginning to end to design a system to suit every requirement.

Contact us now to discuss your project or email us your plans for purposeful discussion.