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Cool rooms and Commercial Freezers

There are a number of options when considering the type of coolroom or freezer to install and the products they are constructed from.

Cool rooms | Degrees AheadHere at Degrees Ahead it is our preference to use high quality, lightweight high strength insulated panels consisting of an expanded polystyrene core sandwiched between prefinished, durable COLOURSTEEL®CP or Maxx sheets. This combination provides both an excellent insulation and strong structural support.

Insulation Panels provide for the cost effective construction of energy efficient, controlled environments.  They are well suited to maintaining very high hygiene standards, which makes it ideal for coolstores, freezers, chillers, controlled atmosphere rooms, air conditioned rooms, industrial buildings and insulated truck bodies. 

The S Lock joining system provides an aesthetically pleasing flush surface finish when beaded off with approved sealants.  The added advantage of weather tightness and a continuous vapour barrier makes it the ideal material for all manner of free standing insulated buildings.

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