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Keeping cool this summer isn't just a case of opening the windows or turning on the air conditioning. The flooring in your home can affect its temperature, learn how you can use your flooring to help keep cool this summer.

Air Conditioning Flooring Options


Tiled floors that receive direct sunlight will act has a heater, releasing heat into your home. However, tiles that have indirect sunlight will do the opposite and cool your home. It doesn't matter whether your tiles are vinyl or ceramic, they still heat and cool in the same way. During summer prevent your titles from receiving direct sunlight using curtains or shade blinds, this will still allow air flow but will prevent the tiles from absorbing and providing extra unwanted heat in your home.


Most homes have some carpeting and this is great for your feet but no so great during summer as it holds heat longer than any other type of flooring. If your carpet is lighter in colour most of the heat will be reflected and not absorbed, allowing your home to stay cooler. However, if you have dark carpeting the carpet will absorb a lot more heat, keeping your home stuffy and hot this summer. Again curtains or shade blinds can be used to avoid the carpet becoming a natural home heater (this will also stop the colour of the carpet fading).

Hardwood Floors

The insulation under your hardwood floors makes a difference in how the hardwood cools or heats your home. Hardwood floors with no underfloor insulation will keep your home cooler during summer, with better airflow and less heat absorption. Hardwood floors with underfloor insulation (if installed correctly) should also help to keep your home cool during summer but warm in winter, you'll have to check the brand of underfloor insulation to know specifically how it affects the heating and cooling of your home during summer.

So this summer, keep the direct sunlight coming into your home at a minimum and you'll be better able to keep your home cool. If you are renovating, take some time to think about how the flooring in your home can affect the heat and cooling. Or give us a call, we can help you find the best heat pump for your home and advise you on what materials will help your Degrees Ahead heat pump keep you cool.