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Heat Pump Favourites

Although Hawkes Bay’s colours are changing into a spectacular sight, the Autumn weather is certainly making itself known this year and cooling things down! There are many benefits of having a heat pump installed in your home. Aside from keeping you warm, Degrees Ahead offers heat pump options with special features to relieve allergy suffers, complement the décor in your home and ensure your home is always at optimum comfort. So, this month we thought we would give you a sneak peak at some of our heat pump favorites from Degrees Ahead!

Daikin Split system heat pumps are always a number one winner with our customers! Daikin heat pumps are ideal for heating or cooling one room or area of a home. Discreet wall-mounted and compact floor standing units are all part of our Daikin range. Our Hi Wall Split Systems are compact and economical, perfect for controlling the indoor comfort in your home.  Our Hi Wall Split Systems can cool and heat your home while filtering the air and removing excess humidity, providing you with the perfect level of comfort, regardless of the weather conditions!

Next up in our list of customer winners is our Toshiba RAS16. These Toshiba heat pump gems raise the standard of air conditioning yet again! Along with quiet operation, their new filtration system allows allergy suffers to breathe in cleaner air therefore, reducing those nasty allergy symptoms. 

Last but certainly not least, are our Mitsubishi Designer Series heat pumps! These sleek, stylish models have been designed to complement your home's existing décor and appliances as well as being a major penny saver over the colder months. They also boast a superior filtration system which is both antibacterial and deodorizing! 

Degrees Ahead provides you with the best heat pump solutions for you and your family’s needs. If you or your family is unsure which model is right for you and your home, one of our trained staff members are always happy to come and offer you free and helpful advice.