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Sure, our bodies need plenty of water, but did you know our bodies can double as a mini air conditioner too?




Summer came this year in full force, and you like others, are probably drinking litres of water to try and beat the heat! Sure our bodies need plenty of water, but did you know that some foods can help your body to double as a mini air conditioner? That’s right; food that is dense in water content can act as a natural alternative to cool you down! Below, we have put together a quick list of fresh summer food ideas to help you and your family keep cool over summer. 

Watermelon – Juicy fruits are in this year! Watermelons contain a large water content and are also easy to digest so your body won’t get too overheated working to process them.


Herbal iced tea – Try and avoid alcohol and caffeine as these all have diuretic properties which cause you to lose fluid and make you feel warm. Keep hydrated with water!

Green salads – A perfect light dinner for intense summer evenings.


Grapes – Like watermelon also has a high water content to help bring those temperatures down.


Raw cucumbers – These summer harvested vegetables are perfect to toss into a green leafy salad or cold soup for a light meal.


Sorbet – Avoid those ice cream cones! Dairy products are rich and heavy which make them harder to digest. Plain fruit or a fruit sorbet will help keep you hydrated and cool. 


Degrees Ahead Tip: Tzatziki is a healthy Greek cucumber yoghurt dip that's perfect for dipping raw vegetables too!


We hope you enjoyed our quick list of food ideas to help you beat the heat the healthy way!