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Easter activities with Degrees Ahead


Easter egg hunts and activities haven't changed much over the years: groups of hungry children search in every direction for colourful treasures. But if you're looking for a new take on the old, look no further than these clever ideas for mixing it up for your family with Degrees Ahead.


Easter egg hunt with a twist! - Arm your kids with a torch and send them out at nightfall to hunt for those eggs. 


Get your kids dressed for the occasion – Why not make some Easter egg necklaces out of those left over plastic eggs before sending them out on the bunny trail in search for eggs?  String a few jelly beans on each side of some elastic with a plastic egg in the centre. Then tie the ends of some ribbon to each end of the elastic thread. 


Cool the kids down! – When they’ve finished hunting down eggs on the bunny trail surprise them with another Easter treat! Poke some holes in the bottom of a plastic egg shell and full it with some fruit juice, add a lolly pop stick and freeze over night for egg shaped popsicles. 


Healthy snacks – Being healthy can be made fun too. Why not try some flower pot hummus dip with some baby carrots? The kids will love making these cute creations for the Easter bunny! 


Easter Egg decorating – Easter egg decorating is easy and fun for kids of all ages and can usually be done with stuff you already have at home. Don’t forget to hard boil your eggs or if you want to save them for future use make sure you remove the inside. 


Have fun! – Don’t forget to have fun yourself! Turn the tables! Let the kids hide some eggs for you and the other parents to find. 


Put traditions to the side this Easter and have some fun with some new ideas from the team at Degrees Ahead.