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How flooring can affect the temperature in your home

By Kaylene on 16-Nov-15 10:18.

Learn how the flooring in your home affects the temperature and how you can use it to keep cool this summer.

Choosing the Right Commercial Air Conditioning Unit

By Kaylene on 24-Sep-15 11:29.

Degrees Ahead can help you choose the right commercial air conditioning unit for your office or retail space.

Degrees Ahead - Daikin

By Kaylene on 04-Jun-15 13:40.

Degrees Ahead offer quality air conditioning and heat pump systems for homes and commerical buildings, including Daikin, one of Zealands leading AirCon brands.

Ways to Stay Cool This Summer

By Kaylene on 03-Oct-14 11:57.

Fun photos on ways to stay cool this summer from the Degrees Ahead Team.

Air Conditioning a Hawkes Bay Summer

By Kaylene on 25-Aug-14 15:28.

The benefits of keeping cool with Daikin Air Conditioning during long Hawkes Bay summers.

Heat Pump Favourites - Voted by our Degrees Ahead Customers

By Kaylene on 06-Jun-14 12:40.

Although Hawkes Bay’s colours are changing into a spectacular sight, the Autumn weather is certainly making itself known this year and cooling things down!

Easter Activities with Degrees Ahead

By Kaylene on 07-Apr-14 09:09.

If you're looking for a new take on the old Easter egg hunt, look no further than these clever ideas for mixing it up for your family with Degrees Ahead.

Food Tips - Beat the Heat with Degrees Ahead!

By Kaylene on 12-Mar-14 10:03.

Find out what foods help your body double as a mini air conditioner!

Health Benefits of Air Conditioning

By Kaylene on 21-Jan-14 13:30.

An air conditioner is often thought of as a luxury home appliance, but there are many reasons other than comfort to consider adding one to your home.

Do I Really Need Air Conditioning?

By Kaylene on 20-Dec-13 10:48.

Many people in New Zealand don’t consider air conditioning at all because they feel that they simply don’t need it. However, while it is a luxury to have, how many other things in your home do your really need? Being comfortable while you live or work is necessary for both your health and well-being. And one guaranteed way to achieve this is through air conditioning.

Lucky Competition Winners

By Kaylene on 15-Nov-13 11:45.

Degrees Ahead ran a successful competition for a Diakin Heap Pump. Here are our lucky winners.

Ten Tips To Stay Warm This Winter

By Jo Salisbury on 25-Mar-13 11:59.

10 great tips to help you keep your home warm this winter and make the most of your heating choices.

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